How Can I Help?

Through oHow Can I Helput the 26 years of the Winds Christian Camp, we have been truly blessed to see so many different people help us in many different ways.  From washing dirty clothes, to helping set up and tear down tents, to covering us in prayer we are truly thankful for the many people who have sacrificed of their time, energy, and resources for the ministry of the Winds.  Still a lot of people ask us: “How can I help at camp?” The answer is: “Take your pick!” There are many ways that you can partner with us as we gear up for our second round of development.

  1.  Pray for us – more than anything we need to ask God to work in the lives of the people that come to camp.  We need to ask God to continue to provide for the needs of the camp.  We need to ask God for wisdom to make the right decisions.
  2. Volunteer – would you consider volunteering your time to help at camp.  This may physically coming to camp and helping us accomplish our many work projects.  Maybe you could sponsor a child by helping cover the cost of a week of camp.  Perhaps you could pay for a plane ticket for a counselor to come out and work at camp.  There are many ways you can volunteer at camp. For more ways you can help contact Mikey at

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